Ask Us for Advice

Making the right first impression with prospective employers is critical. Your CV should be clear, concise, easy to read and stimulate interest. Your FK consultant will be delighted to advise you on layout and content.

However, set out below are some useful tips. You can also download our CV Template here.

CV Dos

  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid coloured paper or type, fancy fonts, photographs
  • Use bullet points
  • Keep presentation consistent
  • Don't omit roles or leave unexplained gaps
  • Spelling / grammatical errors are inexcusable! (Don't solely rely on spell check, ask someone with good attention to detail to proof your CV carefully)

CV Don'ts

  • Don't use lengthy paragraphs to outline your prior experience
  • Don't highlight irrelevant skills or achievements


A CV should be no longer than 2-3 pages. Be concise when summarising your skills, use bullet points and avoid lengthy paragraphs.
A good CV should have enough detail to interest the reader so they wish to meet with you. It should not be so detailed as to provide the reader with information to rule you out!

Content & Layout

Keep your layout simple.
Use commonly used fonts, avoid using colours and keep presentation consistent.
Include the following:

Personal Details

Include name, address, mobile number and email address.
Education and Professional Qualifications
In reverse chronological order detail your academic background. Highlight grades and any specific achievements.

Work Experience

In reverse chronological order detail your work experience to date. Highlight your title, company name, commencement and completion dates.
Detail, in bullet point format, the main responsibilities and achievements of each role.
Include any specialist or project experience that you may have.
Ensure that your transferable skills are easily identifiable.
Specific Skills / Languages / Systems experience
Include relevant details if appropriate.


Keep this short (you can use it to highlight any non-work related achievements).


There is no need to state specific referees on your CV. Instead state that references are available on request.