Why Choose FK?


We are a professional, highly respected financial recruitment consultancy. We are proud to have gained a reputation for professionalism, integrity and confidentiality since our establishment in 1998. 

We approach our relationships with a long term view and are proud to have supported many of our candidates’ careers from early stages through to senior appointments. 


Our consultants are professionally qualified, with a number of years’ experience within the area for which they recruit. This experience gives our consultants extensive knowledge of their specialist areas, provides access to an unparalleled network of candidates, both locally and internationally and offers candidates an insight into the career paths available to them.

Client Base

At FK International we consistently engage with major Multinationals, Plc’s, Banks, Financial Services and Legal firms to bring them the top candidates in the market. 

Working with FK International means access to an unparalleled client portfolio with long standing relationships so we can get your CV in front of the right people. 


We are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards when it comes to working with candidates and clients. Our commitment to high standards has meant that we have successfully maintained and deepened relationships since our establishment.


Why should you meet with the FK recruitment consultant?

Our clients expect that we have met with a candidate prior to putting them forward for a role.  By meeting with us we can ascertain your exact background and you can let us know the type of role that you are looking for, so that we don't waste your time.

Would you send my CV out to a client without prior approval?

No, at FK we never forward on a CV without the prior approval of the applicant

I am already working with other recruiters, why would I use FK?

At FK International our consultants are from the background to which they now recruit.  i.e. our consultants are qualified ACAs, solicitors, tax and fund professionals, so they understand your background as they have been there!

What is the advantage of using a recruitment consultancy?

You don't undersell yourself, and we have trusted relationships with the hiring managers so when we send through your CV the hiring manager will give it more attention.

It is important to note that every part of the recruitment process within FK International is completely confidential.
  • You select a specific or a number of specific roles that are or interest and apply through our website or other portals. 
  • All applications will be treated in strictest confidence and no CV will be released by FK International without a candidate's permission.
  • If determined that your experience suitably matches the current and/or potential requirements of our clients, we will be in contact with you to pursue your application.
  • If applicable, FK International will arrange a meeting with one of our consultants, who will explore your experience to date, aspirations and motivations. At this meeting we will also have a comprehensive discussion on the recruitment market and suitable opportunities.
  • Consultants will contact you following your initial meeting with us to update you on progress.
  • Your consultant will send full confirmation of all client interviews and provide detailed, relevant information to help you prepare.
  • Consultants will contact you shortly after your client interview to discuss feedback.
  • At offer stage, we will facilitate negotiation on terms of employment.
  • On an ongoing basis consultants will be readily available to provide updated market information and support throughout the process.
  • After your initial meeting, consultants will endeavour to alert you to all relevant opportunities as they arise. We also encourage that candidates be proactive in this regard.

Contact Us to arrange a meeeting with one of our consultants or Register With Us now.