Returning to Ireland – What to Expect from FK International

You’re thinking about it… You’ve made your decision… It’s in the pipeline… It’s definitely happening…

Whatever it is, welcome back to Ireland.

Here are some tips from our experience.

Do Not Assume

Whatever stage of the process you’re in, do your research and do it in detail. You might be abroad for one, five or ten years – however long it is, things change and it’s hugely important to ensure that you go into this with open eyes. As a rule of thumb, the longer you’re away the greater the transition.

Have a Conversation

The best advice you can get is from someone who is living it. Ask real questions, you’ve trusted your judgement to return, now it’s about verifying that. Understand what has changed from before you left and how that will work for your circumstances.

Do Not Panic

You have been away for a while, it might take a little longer. Strictly speaking, in the sense of finding the “right” job back at home, the more experienced you are, the longer it may take. Don’t panic, there will be opportunities and you will find the right opening. Hang in there.

This is most likely a smaller market than where you are coming from, but we have most of the top global Financial Institutions (and more committed to come, Brexit or otherwise), multiple global and indigenous Plc’s, a buoyant tech sector and massive opportunity in the health and agri-food sectors.

Speak with us

Pick up the phone. We have an excellent track record in placing finance professionals from mid to senior levels across both industry and Financial services. We are particularly strong when it comes to understanding what you are looking for, advising where we can and giving you a real sense of the market. With two decades behind us, we understand the Irish market very well.

Recent examples include:

Financial Controller, Technology
Investor Relations Director, Aviation 
Corporate Finance Director, Large Corporate
Investment Manager – Private Equity 

Each of the above have been candidates returning to Ireland from international locations.

Best of Luck!

Good Luck = Good Management. We recommend getting in touch if you are considering a return home. This will ensure that we will keep you abreast of the best available and most relevant Finance opportunities for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.