Skype Interview – Top Tips

A skype call may be required for an interview depending on location or availability of both parties. You should treat a skype interview as a face to face interview. Skype interviews can be preferable for companies rather than an initial phone interview so have an account set up with a professional skype username and picture.

Preparation is key when it comes to a Skype call, so we have our top tips below to help you out!

  • Dress the Part – Although you are not at the interview location, it is always important to dress for a skype interview as you would for a face to face interview. It will also make you feel more confident and get you into a professional mindset.
  • Practice – It is important to do test runs before the interview. Also, as you are relying on technology, make sure you have strong internet connection and ensure that the audio and camera are working.
  • The Location – It is best to set up in a quiet room against a neutral background with good lighting. Avoid public loud spaces and avoid having distractions around you. Silence your phone, close your email, Facebook etc to prevent pop ups on the screen during the interview. Also, if you are using a laptop – place your laptop onto a stack on books to raise the webcam to eye-level. During the interview, remember to look at the webcam – not the screen.
  • Do Your Research – Similar to a face to face interview, carry out research on the company you are interviewing with and the interviewer(s). Visit the company website and use search engines to gain additional information. By bringing these elements together, you should have a good grounding on the company's business and culture in advance of your interview. After your research, prepare some well thought out questions which you can ask during the Skype call.

Finally…maintain eye contact, listen carefully to the interviewer(s) and don’t forget to smile!

For more tips and advice, visit FK International’s advice centre