Top Tips for Recently Qualified Accountants coming out of contract

Developed by FK International, is a website specifically for Newly Qualified Accountants. Our top tips below outline the main areas to focus on and think about when approaching the end of your contract. 


1. Start early - It is always good to start thinking about your next move as early as possible. Don’t put it on the long finger.

2. CV Prep - Prepare your CV as soon as you can. This is the first impression you make on any prospective employer.

3. Think - What do you want to do now, and more importantly in the future.

4. Know your end date - Speak to your current employer and get a final word on whether you have an offer to stay on in your current firm. Don’t leave it to the last minute to ask.

5. Research - Research the jobs market. Speak with your peers. Get to know your recruitment consultant and ask them questions.

6. Salary - While salary is important, the right role is more important. Know your salary range but keep focus on your career path.

7. Prepare - Study and prepare for interviews. Separate yourself from your peers. 

8. Practice - Ask your recruiter to do a mock interview with you. Practice will get you to your optimum interview performance level.


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