“CANDIDATES” – Building your Business Case

As we move closer to H2 in 2021 and with many of us having had some time to reflect and take stock over the past year both personally and professionally, the next step for you may be to consider your career options.

As professional recruiters, we have encountered many scenarios over the years, but a recurring conversation with hiring managers in every vertical is that a candidate “did not sell themselves”. This may sound cold, as making the decision to hire a professional is not necessarily a monetary one. However, businesses and individuals invest considerable time and resources into hiring for their requirements, and it is only rational for them to expect interviewees who are serious about the opportunity to do the same. Hence it is not a monetary decision, but it is a resource decision. Which is why building your “business case” is so important.

  1. Start with a plan
    • Write down your tactical and strategic goals. What do I want to achieve? What direction do I want my career trajectory to take? How do I get from where I am now (A) to where I want to be (B) ?
    • Consult with your recruitment professional. At FK International we have worked with countless professionals right through their career journey. A good relationship with your recruiter will add clarity and perspective on what is achievable.
    • Research others who have made a similar journey – LinkedIn can be a good source.
    • Be structured – consider it like you would a project at work. A start point (A) and an end point (B). Roadmap it like you would that project.
    • Be realistic and be resilient – there will be challenges and false starts. If you have planned it and sense checked what you want to achieve, stick with the process.

Maintaining regular contact with your recruiter and investing the time in understanding the market and your journey is critical. In some cases this will take months, in others weeks, it will depend on the level of seniority and wider market activity, among other factors.

Importantly, this will be an iterative process, there will be tweaks and realisation along the way. Don’t let these faze you. Adjust your plan accordingly and move on.

Over time you will begin to see compelling opportunities develop, as you have assessed your direction, consulted with the right people and are ambitious and determined (yet realistic) about where you are going.

  1. Put the Plan into Action

Once you are “at the table” and you can see the career journey coming to fruition, the hard work starts!

  • Reverse the roles – Aside for the usual interview preparation and “standard” elements of an interview – some useful advice in determining your business case will be to put yourself in the interviewers shoes. What are they looking for? Why are they hiring? Why might your profile be of interest?
  • Try to define success – what does success look like for you and for the company? How to align same?
  • Tactical – Break it down. Have a vision for your first 100 days and first year in the job. Think key deliverables – about what they are and how to articulate that you can deliver these.
  • Strategic – have a vision for yourself in 5 years. Align it with that of the company. Think about that journey.
  • Value Add – what can I bring to this situation that will be more beneficial than someone else. Don’t be afraid to evidence this with examples from your career and to demonstrate the energy and enthusiasm to follow through.

To stress, this is not a monetary “Business Case” but rather a business case built on human/talent “capital”. Like we would in our day-to-day roles as Finance professionals, we need to think about this like we would any other “capital” or resource. Enhancing and embracing that capital starts with your business case.

At FK International we have helped countless professional to build their business case and assist in taking that next step in their careers. With in excess of 20 years experience we are well placed to continue to do that.

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