Career Planning – Which category do you fall into?

With 17 years’ experience working in recruitment, I can broadly categorise candidates in to the following categories based on their career plans:

  1. Well-mapped out
  • knows exactly the direction their going
  • knows exactly what they need to do in order to get there
  • knows what opportunities they’re interested in
  • has a time frame in mind for achieving the short to medium and long-term career goals
  • has a realistic expectation on how long the search may take
  • has done their research – market in general, potential companies, recruiters who can assist

2.  Semi-mapped out

  • Has a good idea of where their career is going
  • is very open to twists and turns
  • generally open to most opportunities, within reason so long as progressing
  • typically open-minded re types of companies – size, industry, structure
  • not operating to a set time frame

So which category do you think you might fall under?

Generally speaking, a good Recruiter can support candidates falling into both categories, and there’s no right or wrong category.  Each just requires a different approach.

A key consideration for a candidate is ensuring that the Recruiter they’re working with truly understands their background, understands what they’re capable of, has the ability to think outside the box, and of course is well enough networked with access to the best positions, the hidden jobs which never make the public job boards and broad range of clients in different sectors.

In FK International, our client base is extremely broad and our Consultants are experienced and well positioned to assist.

John Lawless

John Lawless