Climate Finance Week Ireland 2020

As part of Climate Finance Week Ireland 2020, taking the opportunity to flag how some of our clients are making a difference…



IPL is a leading sustainable packaging solutions provider with a strong growth record.

14 manufacturing facilities – 100% of their products are 100% recyclable.

“Today, we are at the forefront of innovation; investing in research and development, minimizing product weights and raw material inputs, and increasing the use of recycled raw materials.”

Extract from IPL Group’s Sustainability Strategy…

“Underpinning the strategy is our ambition to “Create more value using fewer resources”. This reflects our goal of generating positive value for our business and our stakeholders, while mitigating risk and decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation.”

“We seek to continually minimise our impact on the Environment through a focus on the reduction of energy, water, waste and carbon emissions across our supply chain. We source our ingredients responsibly and are focused on sustainable packaging. Our manufacturing sites meet the highest food safety standards


“As long-term investors and investment managers of renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure assets, NTR is focused on critical ESG factors and the responsible stewardship of its investments.

NTR takes a responsible investment approach to investment analysis, investment decision making and managing our sustainable infrastructure assets.

Underpinning our commitment to ESG, NTR is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.


Walsh Mushrooms Group is a major mushroom & compost producer & marketeer in the Irish & U.K. markets. The Group grows over 175 tonnes of fresh mushrooms per week in Ireland and the UK whilst employing 400 approx. fulltime employees.

The Group has invested heavily in recent years in order to improve its environmental performance.

Walsh Mushrooms Group own farms have moved to wood chip for heating to be more cost effective and reduce CO2 and carbon cost. Furthermore the Group has invested to reduce their cooling system electricity requirement by 48% in a major production farm and have invested in solar energy in the distribution centre near Birmingham providing 30% of that facility’s energy requirements. These initiatives have delivered a saving of 2,000 tCO2e (tonnes of C02 equivalent).

The Group in Ireland has spent €2.4m in recent years on improving the environmental performance of its mushroom compost facility. Furthermore the facility utilises 100% renewable energy from Naturgy which has certified the Co. as saving over 50,000 trees equivalent and a further 2,000 tCO2e. Hence Group wide initiatives have delivered savings of over 4,000 tCO2e in recent years.

Mushrooms have a great environmental story as part of the circular bioeconomy / green economy. Mushrooms are grown on compost made from surplus farming products sourced in Ireland and large volumes of valuable straw with the mushroom industry buying 40% approx. of the wheaten straw grown in Ireland annually. Mushroom growing creates employment in rural areas of Ireland and its output is a value-added superfood for the Irish market and for export to the U.K. market. Once the mushroom cropping has finished the spent mushroom compost is returned to the land and is a valuable soil conditioner which can be used instead of inorganic fertilisers (much of which is imported into Ireland) and which have a heavy carbon footprint.

We can all make a difference. At FK International we are committed to helping connect finance professionals with this critical agenda. For further information a or a confidential discussion please contact me.

John Lawless

John Lawless