Compliance & Risk Opportunities in the Age of ESG

As we enter a new era of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues coming to the forefront, the movement is inevitably generating a demand for a range of new competencies and therefore employment positions in companies to meet these needs.

Here we examine 3 of these new areas and roles to give a flavour of these required competencies in the age of ESG.

Head of Sustainability

With the Sustainability focus often being a new item on the agenda, this position is often a baptism for each company. With that in mind, the role holder will likely be creating, from scratch a strategic plan on “How the company should build a more sustainable outlook into its existing processes?”

This obviously cannot be a standalone role and will involve buy-in across the company from department heads. This means a major stakeholder management piece with a board providing both meaningful support and a clear vision being key.

ESG Compliance & Governance Lead

This person will be responsible for ensuring Compliance with the various new guidelines that are now being introduced. This would entail a large degree of upstream compliance monitoring to provide guidance to the company on what new regulations require.

This will also mean involvement in how governance frameworks will need to change. A large part of the role will also need to look at metrics and how different factors are measured to be adjudged to genuinely be in compliance both to the letter and the spirit of the law.

Head of Risk for ESG

The main responsibility here will be to redefine risk frameworks across the company to consider areas such as climate risk, environmental risk and generally the increased reputational risk that is now a major factor with the level of focus on issues in this area.

This has already been a huge task for risk departments in Ireland as they have recently been required to embed into their frameworks additional sustainability risks arising from updated rules for UCITS and AIFMD fund structures.

Generally, we can expect there to be significant growth in Compliance and Risk positions with regard to ESG. Those with previous experience in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility will likely be best placed but anyone with the passion for ESG allied to SME level knowledge on this new regulatory landscape will also be well placed.

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Colm Duggan

Colm Duggan

Senior Recruitment Consultant