COP26 Nov 3 -The Focus is on Finance and Finance Jobs

World Leaders are meeting this week, between 31st October and 12th November 2021 in Glasgow at the UN Climate Conference (COP26).

November 3rd is set to focus on Finance and how the Finance sector transitions and drives implementation.

It is more important now, than ever before, that the potential for green jobs is taken seriously and what this means for all of us. There are exciting new opportunities and the time is ripe.

We are already seeing firms making this transition across all competencies. Regulators need staff to help them embed ESG into their regulatory frameworks. Fund Managers need analysts and researchers with core ESG credentials. Professional services firms, us included, are ramping up our advisory offering as a priority. There is work for advisors across the ESG spectrum – from ESG strategy and policy formulation to ESG planning, compliance, risk and governance. Investors are pushing boards, in-turn executives are under pressure to implement. The real volume of demand is coming from corporates as they look to embed ESG into their day to day “modus operandi”.

Complementing our track record in Financial Recruitment, we established Ireland’s first dedicated Sustainable Finance & ESG recruitment desk and continue to partner with our clients to encapsulate the business practices, awareness of, and crucially, the outward projection of  their organisations and their commitment to deliver their sustainability and ESG undertakings.

I am passionate about this agenda and I have already invested considerable resources into understanding the types of roles arising and how we can work with our clients to address their recruitment needs. I have consulted widely with thought leaders and sustainability bodies and I understand where the talent pools are and how to adapt skill sets to these new and exciting opportunities.

The sustainability and ESG agenda effects everyone, be part of the action!

At FK International we are committed to helping connect finance professionals with this critical agenda. Be part of this next chapter with us

For further information or a confidential discussion please reach out.

Judith Kelly

Director – Business Development & Operations