ESG Developments – #1

Congrats are in order.

One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Working Group was established in order to accelerate efforts to integrate financial risks and opportunities related to climate change in the management of large, long-term asset pools.

But what is this organisation and what impact might it have?

At it’s heart, this initiative comes from the understanding that the financial system and the incentivisation mechanism it can provide will be central in achieving the Paris Accord targets. In that regard, integrating both financial risk and opportunity decisions related to climate change into the investment management of long-term pools of assets will be key.

This investment is critical in supporting the smooth transition to a low emissions economy that is already happening but that will need constant and continual investment and talent management and upskilling if it is ever to reach an impactful scale.

With Asset Managers joining up and linking into a movement of critical mass, this will only accelerate it’s impact on the status quo of how investment decisions are made at the level of long term, large asset pools.

A sign that Ireland can continue to play its part in this movement when our own sovereign fund can help shape these initiatives through its participation.

How can we support?

We recognise that this is relatively new territory for all of us. We also recognise the need to collaborate more than ever with our clients and stakeholders to identify and fulfil recruitment needs as they relate to sustainable finance and ESG.

We will work with our clients and candidates to conduct market research, build appropriate role profiles and to develop candidate frameworks both locally and internationally. We understand the concept of “complementary candidates” and their importance in helping all recruitment processes in a relatively new context.

We have educated ourselves and will bring our extensive experience to any process.

Finally, we take this seriously and we are dedicated to doing what we can in support of a better and more sustainable environment for everyone.

Colm Duggan

Colm Duggan

Senior Recruitment Consultant