Finance Professionals & The Climate Agenda

The Climate agenda will be priority for the foreseeable future. The Irish government continues to position Ireland as a hub for green finance as part of the “Ireland for Finance” strategy. Investors are increasingly using non-financial factors such as Environmental, Social and Governance standards (“ESG”) as an important part of their investment screening process.

Globally, working habits and working environments have fundamentally changed at an unpreceded speed due to Covid-19. We are still digesting this change; while some work practices will revert to pre-Covid norms, we have yet to fully understand what the settled “new normal” post-Covid work practices will be. What is clear is that there will be more remote working, fewer commutes and less business travel. All of this will impact positively on sustainability and climate change.

We are seeing rapid innovation in the digital tech world along with prioritising responsible banking and sustainable ambitions within the Insurance industry. ESG is now a priority item on Board agenda’s with many businesses deploying engagement teams to develop and embed enhanced ESG standards across all parts of their businesses.

We are working very closely with a large number of companies who have put ESG at the forefront and are pro-active in climate change.

  • Private banking – investment portfolios
  • Energy companies
  • Environmentally sustainable agriculture
  • Water & waste management
  • Green building
  • Pollution prevention
  • Fund management
  • Banking, Insurance and financial services

We can all make a difference. At FK International we are committed to helping connect finance professionals with this critical agenda. For further information or a confidential discussion please reach out.

Judith Kelly

Director – Business Development & Ops