FK International kick-off 2021 with our commitment to plant a tree for every placement we make.

” Ireland has an ideal climate for forestry with one of the fastest growth rates of trees in Europe helping to reduce climate change effects ” Coillte.



Complementing our track record in Financial Recruitment, we recently opened our Sustainable Finance & ESG desk to partner and support new and existing clients in response to increasing demand. We are dedicated to doing what we can in support of a better and more sustainable environment for everyone. We kick-off this year with our commitment to plant a tree for every placement we make.

In a world where consumers, customers, partners and suppliers are growing increasingly concerned about the environment and climate, a tree planting project is an effective way of highlighting how serious we are. We all can easily see the connection between planting trees and the positive contribution this makes to nature and the environment, which is why we have chosen to include this as part of our environmental initiatives and ESG policy.

We all have a responsibility to act now and reduce our carbon footprint towards net zero. At FK International we are committed to helping connect finance professionals with this critical agenda. Be part of this next chapter with us. For further information or a confidential discussion please reach out.

We will keep you updated on  our planting initiative throughout the year.

Judith Kelly

Director – Business Development & Ops