The Recruiting and Onboarding Process…. Has it changed?

Onboarding has suddenly become an everyday word in the vocabulary of recruitment and now plays an even bigger part in the recruitment process.

One of the major cultural shifts has been the move to remote work, as social distancing rules have forced people into home offices. Before the Covid-19 crisis, virtual or remote onboarding was largely reserved for employees with remote contracts or those living in a different country. With remote interviewing and working, this has become a crucial element of our new normal.

Delivering a great candidate experience has always been critical during the hiring process and this experience does not end with the job offer. Rather it transitions into the employee experience. Hiring new employees has been altered.

  • Do people feel differently about being interviewed face to face in an enclosed meeting room with strangers?
  • Do we ever shake hands again?

Finding the right fit is always challenging but the next hurdle is actually onboarding a new hire and integrating them into a company without the benefits of the water-cooler chats, the coffee machine moments and the after-work drinks.

We have always helped to manage the transition from candidate to employee. Now we are ensuring that the expectations set in the recruitment process are delivered on when an employee comes on board.

During the hiring process we manage the communications with our clients and candidates by sharing detailed information about the company’s goals and culture. This ensures the new employee experiences the brand of our clients during the hiring and offer process and now more than ever this extends through to the onboarding process to achieve long term success and satisfaction for candidate and client.

A positive onboarding experience is imperative in encouraging candidates (who may become clients) to refer more candidates and clients. Word of mouth marketing from our new and current hires attracts the attention of new clients and candidates. The greater the experience we can provide in the recruiting and onboarding process, the higher the chance we attract more high-quality candidates for our clients.

At FK International, we have over 20 years’ experience in assisting our clients and our candidates. We are here to support businesses and individuals that may have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and we would be happy to have a confidential discussion about how we see the market and your recruitment options.

Judith Kelly