Top 10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for potential Employers and Recruiters to find new talent, and it continues to grow in popularity. With this is mind, let’s take a look at some of our top tips to make your professional profile stand out!
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1. Choose an Appropriate Profile Picture:

A professional/ well-presented photo can give you an instant advantage. Remember that this is not Facebook!

  • Do: Choose a clear, well-presented picture. Headshot is often best.
  • Avoid: Photos from nights out, photos with filters or a lot of posing.

2. Keep it Relevant:

A detailed profile is a strong profile but remember to know your audience and sometimes less is more.

3. Always Proofread and Spellcheck:

This a simple but critical tip – first impressions are lasting impressions. Employers look for good attention to detail.

4. Keep it Accurate:

LinkedIn is essentially your online CV. Make sure it accurately reflects your CV and definitely do not lie!

5. Follow Companies You Would Like to Work With:

Companies may contact you directly if you show an interest in them.

6. Connect Your Profile with Professional/ Educational Alumni Groups:

This will help to build your network and add credibility to your profile.

7. Show your Interest in Topics Related to Your Professional Area:

Like, share and comment on posts. Interact with authors of article posts – they can often be interviewers so familiarize yourself with their opinions!

8. LinkedIn is not Facebook:

Do not like or post content that is potentially offensive or inappropriate. Remember current and future employers can see your activity.

9. Your Summary is your USP:

Keep it short, sharp and to the point to generate interest in your entire profile. Include buzzwords related to your industry and use phrases like “attention to detail” “solution-orientated” and “strong interpersonal skills”.

10. Keep it Up-To-Date:

Failure to keep your experience current could lead to you missing out on opportunities. You may have the experience a recruiters is looking for but they will not know unless your profile is accurate.